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Students Work & Testimony


My experience with Aarthey ma'am would have easily been more than four years back and there has been no looking back ever since. Such an incredible person and teacher that you keep wanting to make more of these beautiful tanjore paintings. What is more interesting is she still believes in practicing the age old techniques that were practiced way back. I am really looking forward to learn to create a new painting with her because it so so therapeutic.



Holding the divine hands of Aarthi, my teacher, I started to wal through Chitra Koodam. The doors are opened by her. know not how to explain the experience so fair a form. Need a fairer word than fair, A brigher word than bright. Wish the journey continues....forever with my lovely teacher.


I wanted to learn Tanjore paintings from a very long time.My dream came true through Aarati mam.She is a good teacher and takes personal interest to bring out the best in her students.Thankyou Aarati mam for everything


A god teacher is a Doctor who heals ignorance and an artist who inspires creativity, Thank you Arathi mam


Thanks to all! It was wonderful experience...Credit goes to Mam!


Thank you very much Aarathi Mam. Words may fail to convey my thanks to you. Your immeasurable patience and beautiful guidance, has given all of us so much happiness, confidence in doing challenging projects. Your passion for art spillsover to everyone around you. You encourage us to try new things allowing us to explore endless possibilities making us better every day. I Feel blessed by god for finding you as my guide!!




Last 3+ months effort in the Tanjore painting is a dream come true for me.
I want to take this moment to share my gratitude and thanks for your patient and expert guidance all through.
You made it seem very easy for me and your constant source of encouragement is very helpful.
I am really fortunate to have learnt this art under your guidance.
Through the last 3+ months I have got the opportunity to know you better as a person and an ever helpful guide.
Best wishes to you in your upcoming endeavors
Thank you for everything



Thank you all. And a very heartfelt thanks to Aarathy mam for this enriching experience of learning this wonderful art form.Every student is so special for her. And she makes us feel so comfortable that we start learning the art with a lot of passion. And also during this journey have made some wonderful friends too. Thank you all once again


My first oil painting, All greed goes to our guru Arthi the great. Without her it was impossible






Wanted to say a quick thank you for everything, you have taught me. I feel fitter, happier and more importantly love the art. You are an amazing teacher and have encouraged me and helped me in learning this wonderful art.


There is a lovely lady — Her name is Aarty, and she is pretty arty! She has a talent for bringing Gods alive, but her real talent is in making the students believe they are a buzzing talent of beehive!
She would make them paint like they were professionals, and bring out their confident brush stroke in just one tutorial. She would also make the students believe it’s their effort,
But in fact it’s her grace and love that made painting possible through her support! Each student silently admired their art work, and they knew deep in their hearts . it was their teacher who deserved the real perk!


Hurray I finished my first Tanjore Painting . More than the painting, the entire experience was so memorable. Also my picture turned out to be a blockbuster at my home. Thanks to Arthi and my friends in class. Considering my age, I never thought I could do it. But I finally understood that age doesn't matter when you have passion and an awesome teacher... Arthi I am surely coming for my next picture.. Thanks again and God bless

Dr. Pannaga



This is my first brush ( literally and figuratively) with canvas painting. Aarathy guided me in each and every step through out the sessions. She is a wonderful teacher. Her guidance has given me lot of confidence. Thanks a lot Aarathy for introducing me the colours!!!!!

Professor Balaji

I wanted to thank arthyjee but dnt want it to be flattering as well
I think the fllwng quote justifies her role as a trainer
"A good teacher is the one who inspires u entertains u u end up learning a lot even when u dnt knw it
Hope u all agree "

Thanks arthyjee



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