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About the artist Aarathy

Hi all,

I am Aarathy Thiyagarajan, a vivid art lover, Tanjore painting artist and a software professional. My grand father, father, periyappa, athai's and few cousin bro inherited artistic skill naturally. My ansestors hailed from a village called "Seethemalli" in Tanjore district. I formally learnt this traditional art from my guru "Vani Prabhakara". I left my IT career to pursue my dream. Painting is like meditation to me. I enjoy colors and Indian mythological gods. I love giving my knowledge through teaching this Traditional art. Come and explore with me the fun of learning.

I currently teach in Jp Nagar, Bangalore.

One of my student Mrs. Neha wrote on her blog about the way she learnt this art through me. [Neha's blog]

I am thankful to Neha for writing such a wonderful article.

Visit the website Art Indian Gallery [] , a free online gallery where currently 1500+ have listed their artwork. They can be reached directly. I had developed and maintaining to enable artists community especially the women and rural artists. I feel happy when they are contacted, hired and got a smile on their faces.

Warm regards,